Conservation Station: Have You Signed up to Win?

By Stacy Martin on July 12, 2012 from Conservation Station via

Have you signed up to win?
“Win what?” you ask. . . how about a $100,000.00 grant for our community!  If you haven’t gone to and signed up then get started and log on now.  Bridgeport has from July 1, 2012 until December 31, 2012 to recycle and log our progress.  SC Johnson, Waste Management and RecycleBank are sponsoring the SC JOHNSON GREEN CHOICES REYCYCLING CHALLENGE all in the name of increasing curbside recycling and decrease the amount of trash in our landfills.  The participating community with the highest percentage of people REPORTING their recycling efforts each month will WIN the grant money.  To get started, go to sign up, recycle and report it online each week!!! It’s that easy!
On July 1, 2012 at the Bridgeport Farmer’s Market, Waste Management, Inc. held a “Zero-Waste Event” whereby more than 100 patrons were given information on the recycling challenge, educated on which recycling receptacle to dispose of their trash, and given re-usable shopping bags for their purchases and future visits to the Farmer’s Market.  Despite the awful storms the Friday evening prior to the event, the “Zero-Waste Event” was still successful!  The optimal goal was to get the information out to the community on the SC Johnson Green Choices Recycling Challenge, as well as to demonstrate to the community that you CAN have a large event which produces very little to zero waste for the community landfill.  See for yourself the results of this event!
If you didn’t get out to the event because of storm-related issues, then make sure you log on to RecycleBank!  Although I was there for the event helping as a member of the GFWC Bridgeport Junior Woman’s Club, we most certainly were not unscathed by the storms.  If you haven’t noticed, this follow-up blog to the event is much delayed!!!!!  We had been out of power for eight (8) days following the storms.  With power being restored this past Saturday, many questions began filling my head about the various predicaments people found themselves in during such a long outage, especially questions about the environment!  The extremely mild winter, the severe drought, the horrendous storms spawned, the closing of Tygart Lake in the middle of summer – all has raised speculation about the “Greenhouse Effect” our world may be facing.  Thus, stay tuned for next week as I delve into the environmental impact of the storms! 
Until then, I still have much more clean-up to do (including a week’s worth of laundry for 3 young kids) and some research to get started on to better prepare my blog! 

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