Conservation Station: Still Haven't Gotten that Father's Day Gift? Here are Some Great Ideas

By Stacy Martin on June 13, 2012 from Conservation Station via

Father’s Day is just around the corner – this Sunday to be exact!  If you are like me, you still haven’t gotten your Father/husband something to show them just how much you appreciate all that they are and do every day of the year.  Both my Father and my husband are very difficult to find gifts for and the kids and I are running out of craft ideas to make gifts for them.  Eventually, let’s face the truth, most gifts end up hanging in the closet a couple years or cluttering up an office, until finally they make their way to the overcrowded landfill.  This year, think GREEN!!!!  Show your appreciation not only to your dad/husband, but to their futures and your children’s future with some eco-friendly Father’s Day gifts.  So before you pick out another necktie or make another picture collage consider some of these gift ideas this Father’s Day. 
The “Mother Nature Network” lists seven (7) Father’s Day gift ideas that are eco-friendly options.  Go to  They suggest:
(1) Green Gadget Chargers – cell phones, MP3 players, flashlights, and other gadgets all can be powered with renewable energy such as solar or hand crank methods. (See pictures of Solio Hybrid Chargers) Not only great for cutting down on electricity but a great idea when you are outdoors without electricity and still feel the need for these items;
(2) solar-powered weather station;
(3) recycled hammock – different options include hammocks made from 100 percent recycled polyester fiber from soft drink bottles, recycled cotton, renewable hemp, and the Ting Sling which is woven from reclaimed seat belts;
(4) an electric bicycle – not to discourage activity, but for longer commutes (without getting too sweaty before work) and getting up and down hills with ease (like here in WV), The Rebel by Switch is a classic mountain bike that can be charged for 22 miles worth of travel;
(5) repurposed wallet – made from such items as tires, bike tubes, newspapers and billboard vinyl;
(6) eco-friendly golf balls and tees – there aren’t too many dad’s out there that couldn’t use these – Dixon Golf makes non-toxic golf balls (see picture) to avoid the 1,000 years it takes regular golf balls to decompose and pollute the water and earth with toxic heavy metals;
(7) gift membership to a conservation organization – several local organizations help protect the environment every day, as well as many national ones – focus on your father’s passion and research what might make a good donation in his name (Friends of Tygart Lake, Harrison County Humane Society, The World Wildlife Fund, Trout Unlimited, or check out finding ways in your dad’s area, if he’s not living here, to protect recreational fishing).
Okay, so maybe none of those ideas are quite his thing, but I still have your interest in an eco-friendly gift.  How about checking out this website:   They make healthy gift baskets which are dad-oriented so are sure to please.  Most of the gift baskets are made using recycled and reusable bags (which can be designed with family characters specific for your family) and include items such as: all natural sweets and snacks, trail mix, dried fruits, nuts, granola, organic grilling rubs, all-natural pastas and dipping oils, etc., etc.
But wait, you really have waited until the last minute, what could be a better gift for Dad than supporting the local community and also showing him you care about his health?  BEST IDEA YET!!!!!!  On Sunday, take Dad to the Bridgeport Farmers Market at The Charles Pointe Marketplace.  Give him a reusable shopping bag and spend time looking for things to buy him to fill his bag.  Or pick out things together to make a wonderful, healthy Father’s Day dinner to enjoy as a family.
Whatever you choose, make sure it sends the message to Dad that not only do you care about him, his health and all he does, but that you also care about the world that he helped bring you into!  Happy Father’s Day to all you great Dad’s out there!

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