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By Stacy Martin on October 13, 2012 from Conservation Station via

Football is in full swing, but there is still a lot more tailgating and football watching parties to be done.  And I’m positive the fun will last well through December!  The football games are fantastic, but what’s a great game without also spending time with friends and family?  Even if you aren’t tailgating up in Morgantown on a Saturday or Pittsburgh on Sunday, then you are probably watching the games with family or friends.  No matter the team or the venue it’s always more exciting to share the experience with others and also with lots of food and drink to calm the nerves.  Am I right?  I know I overindulged in both food and drink Saturday night during the nail-biting Mountaineer win against Texas.  Although the overindulgence did nothing for my waistline, it did go to helping charity.  How you say?
Aluminum beverage tabs, aluminum cans, and Box Tops for Education.  Although the aluminum tabs and cans involve recycling, I had to throw in the Box Tops because they are also for a worthy cause and earn money for local schools.  If you don’t already collect Box Tops, please do so and turn them into your local elementary schools.  The school earns 10¢ for every Box Top.  But back to recycling, aluminum cans and aluminum tabs can be turned into money for charity.  Use a special garbage bag for aluminum cans (crushing them as you go) and put a recycled container (empty Pringles™ cans work great) right next to it to collect the aluminum tabs taken off.  So after your next tailgating event or football party, see how much you can earn.
Aluminum Tabs for the Morgantown Ronald McDonald House
Every year over 1800 families stay at the Ronald McDonald House in Morgantown.  It is a house next to WVU Hospital that provides a “home away from home” for families with critically ill children being treated at the hospital.  It costs $1,136.00 to operate the Ronald McDonald House in Morgantown every night.  Guests are encouraged to make a donation of $15 per night, but in many cases this donation cannot be made – either because the families are struggling with medical expenses, have lost or quit jobs to take care of their sick child, or their stays are extremely lengthy putting a strain on their finances.  No eligible family is ever asked to leave or denied future stays for their inability to donate.  Therefore, the Ronald McDonald House attempts to raise the funds in other ways.  One of those ways is collecting aluminum tabs (only the tabs).  Depending on the present value of aluminum, the value from the tabs averages 35¢ to 55¢ per pound.  In 2011, the House received 12.6 tons in tabs, but with your help these totals can increase.
The tabs can be collected and dropped off at the House 7 days a week from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.  Or call (304) 598-0050 for more info on how you can help “pull” for the House.  So the next time you are in Morgantown for a game, bring those collected tabs and walk over to the House to donate them.  Get your tailgate friends and those tailgating around you to help join the collection – every little bit helps – the charity and the environment!
Aluminum Cans for Money that you can donate to any charity
ALCOA makes it easier than ever to recycle aluminum cans – believe it or not “there’s an app for that!”  At tells you all about the app you can download which helps you track your recycling and determine how much money you can make by turning them in at a recycling center.  It even has a GPS or zip tracker for finding recycling centers near you.  So maybe you have a favorite charity you like to donate too, but economic times are making it harder to give the money you want or maybe you just want to give more.  Alcoa’s app lets you set a recycling goal based on the cash you’d like to earn and helps you keep track of that goal. 
In Harrison County, aluminum cans can be collected and turned in for money.  One such place to receive money for cans is Harrison Recycling Incorporated on Pike Rd. in Clarksburg.  The going rate for aluminum right now is 40¢ per lb.  (For more information on their recycling payment, directions, etc. you can call (304)623-2406 M-F 8 a.m.-3 p.m.).  The cans do need to be crushed, but this can be fun for kids and adults alike at any tailgate.  I’m certain any one tailgate could produce at least a pound or more of aluminum cans.  Maybe your surrounding tailgates can have a single bag to collect.  Just think of the extra money you could have to donate to charity.
So next time you are getting ready for that big game – remember there are others who may not be so fortunate.  Do your part to help them while also helping the environment.  Collect your cans and your tabs and donate them to charitable endeavors.  Then if your team wins you can feel great about the win and your part in helping others and the planet.

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