Health & Fitness: Bridgeport Resident Darcy Thompson Preparing for Crossfit Regional Competition

By Ashley Aragona on June 09, 2013 from Health & Fitness via

This week’s blog is going to be a little different. Instead of me typing another tip, trick, or belief that I have, I’ve decided this week to share with you the words of my friend, and honestly, one of my fitness inspirations, Bridgeport resident Darcy Thompson.
You see, as I am typing this, Darcy is getting ready to compete at the Mid Atlantic Crossfit Regional Competitions, an honor that very few people get. The amazing part is that only 2 years ago, Darcy was just starting her Crossfit journey. I can personally say the determination and success I’ve witnessed with my own eyes is nothing short of awe inspiring.
So in honor of her success, continued determination, and inspiration to us all, here are some words Darcy wrote herself about preparing for another feat, the Tough Mudder (which side note, she will be participating in again in August with the Team Fitt group from WV Fitness) Enjoy!
“Not only does the Tough Mudder test your strength and stamina, it also pushes your mental toughness to the limit. This is not a race where you can merely go out for long runs and expect to be well prepared.  You need to train like the race is going to be run… 10 miles worth of endurance with 25 strength obstacles intermittently dispersed throughout the race.”
  • When training combine cardio intervals with strength training
  • Gradually work up your stamina (depending on the race it could take around 4 hours to complete) Keep working your way up to being able to last
  • Continuously change up your training routine.  Every Tough Mudder is different, just when you think you’re prepared they throw a curveball.
  • Add elements of surprise.  With an outdoor race try and use Mother Nature’s elements to help you. Train in the rain
As for Nutrition, there are many different approaches to take.  Depending on your body type, weight, age and many other variables, there isn’t one specific meal plan that everyone can follow.  However here are some things to remember when putting a meal plan together:
  • Eat clean.  Eat as natural as possible.  Include lean meats green vegetables and limit your starchy foods.
  • You’re training hard, make sure you get enough food intake and make sure you’re getting the right nutrients in you as well.  Recommended supplements:
  • Whey Protein (to rebuild your muscles)
  • Multivitamin
  • Workout enhancer (not necessary but can help with the longer workouts)
  • As your workouts get longer and longer you need to eat more and more (of the right foods) in order to replenish everything you are burning off. Eat between 4 and 5 times through out the day about 2 or 3 hours apart.
Following these tips will help you prepare for the Tough Mudder, but there is nothing that can 100% prepare you for the race.  Your body will be tested with cold temperatures, burning smoke, and volts of electricity, so the best advice to give is to do it with an open mind and thick skin.”
Now, I know, I know. You might not be training for a national competition, a Tough Mudder, or even training at all, but I think Darcy’s words are words of wisdom that we can all use in our everyday lives. Whatever your goals, your MIND will be tested as will your body. In addition, remember that sometimes it will be hard, sometimes you will have to take a step back to take two steps forward and sometimes your friends or family won’t understand why you’re doing what you are doing so having an“open mind and thick skin” is definitely something that will make the journey easier.
The moral of this story? Keep your head high, and like Darcy, always aspire to be the best version of YOU, whatever that may be. Finally, not only do I wish Darcy good luck, I “thank her” as she represents not only a group of people striving to live healthier lives, and our gym, but she is also representing our state as a whole and showing everyone that no matter where you are from, you can do anything you put your mind to. Good luck Darcy, I’m honored to be able to cheer you on!
Until Next Time,
Yours in health and fitness,

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