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By Ashley Aragona on July 31, 2012 from Health & Fitness via

It’s that time again. A time when American’s gather together with one common goal, to root on this wonderful country and the Olympic hopefuls representing us.
Since the opening ceremony, our broadcast systems and social media platforms have been inundated with inspiring documentaries, biographies, and news clips detailing the journey, as well as the pains and gains of these individuals. After watching a few of these my blogging light bulb went off, and I decided that in the spirit of the Olympics I would compile my favorite health and fitness tips from these pros and pass them on to you, that way you focus on watching the games; and save yourself some tears, because I have no shame in saying some of these bios were so inspiring and full of family love and support that I got a little choked up; well a lot choked up. So, I take that back, if you want to have a good happy cry, YouTube some Olympic hopeful bios, but if you’d rather just get the tips and watch the games, then read on.
  • “Staying healthy is a process. It’s not just being in the gym seven hours a day, it’s maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Gymnast Nastia Liukin.
Lukiun also says that you should “treat your body as an expensive car” and goes on to show how like an expensive car needs premium gas, your body needs good things put into it as well.
  • “What you put in your body is super important” Basketball star Sue Bird
  • It’s better to eat smaller meals throughout the day.  Swimmer Tyler Clary
  • Try to cook as much as your own food as you can. Track and Field star Walter Dix
Even though it’s easier to grab something from a fast food joint, Dix emphasizes how important it is to cook your own food.  (Side note: I LOVE this tip and couldn’t agree more)
  • “The fewer the feet and the closer to the ground it is, the better it is for you. “ Track and Field Ashton Eaton
Eaton has one of my all time favorite tips:  How exactly does this work? Let me break down his protein pyramid.
Cow- 4 Legs - Ok
 Chicken – 2 Legs- Better
 Fish- No Legs- Best
Beans – In Ground, no legs; Even Better
What a way to break it down! Although, he does admit this works best with proteins we eat normally, i.e. snakes who have no legs; not so much and even though potatoes are in the ground, French fries aren’t on the good list.
  • SLEEP – I put it in all caps because it’s THAT important to these Olympic hopefuls.
Gymnast Alicia Sacramone stresses the importance of sleep in her workouts as do many other Olympic hopefuls including: Rower Charlie Coal who sleeps 8-9 hours a night and goes to bed early (even if his friends do make fun of him) and Soccer star Megan Rapinoe who agrees that there are many scientifically proven recovery strategies out there, but to her sleep is still the best.
  • “Keep moving” Beach Volleyball star Jen Kessy
  • “Grab a friend and just have fun” Kami Craig, Water Polo
  • Craig also agrees with the theory that having someone with you not only makes it more fun, but also motivates you, so in Kami’s words “just go out and enjoy working out”
  • “Be consistent” Swimmer Nathan Adrian
Adrian goes on to state how there are so many new workout trends, and diets, but the key is to be consistent.
  • “When you wake up in the morning and you don’t want to get up and run, just do it.  Suck it up.”  Katie O’Donnell Field Hockey
I love Katie’s straightforwardness! Sometimes a little hard loving is what we need!
So hopefully with these Olympian tips, and the inspiration they give us all from their hard work and dedication to the sport, we can get motivated to go out, move, eat healthy and find the Olympian within us all.
Go USA!!!
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