Health & Fitness: Having Fun - and Staying in Shape - While on Vacation

By Ashley Aragona on May 23, 2012 from Health & Fitness via

In my opinion, there’s nothing better than waking up on a Monday morning to the sound of ocean waves, seagulls, and children playing in the surf. Obviously, I’m talking about the beach, and as I type this, I can hear all three things, although I promise I’m not trying to rub it in.
The time has finally come for the yearly family vacation to the beach and while I am sure to partake in my fair share of good food and fun, I am also going to ..wait for it….work out…..every day AND  I’m going to recruit friends and family to workout with me AND…. One more… they aren’t even going to know it.
Am I a magician? Possibly a magician of fitness, but most likely I just know how doing these fun activities listed below not only burn major calories but work your muscles as well. So check them out, you may be surprised what you find and might even be able to pull a little fitness magic of your own on your next vacation.
Play beach games
 Volleyball is a sure fire hit with most families. In addition to being a great cardio workout, playing volleyball in the sand is great for the legs because you are playing on a malleable surface and the legs are forced to work harder. If you want an even better workout, play one on one, so that you have to cover more area to keep the ball going.  Average calories burned: 350-500 calories an hour
I also enjoy a good game of Frisbee or paddleball, each of which can burn up over 200 calories per hour depending on how intense, or in my case , competitive you are.
Seems like an obvious one, but did you know that swimming can burn over 400 calories an hour? This is one of the best ways to get a workout in, without even knowing it. Want to crank it up a notch? Swim against the current to add resistance.
Walking/Running on the Beach
Walking or running on deep, loose sand challenges your balance and engages more muscle fibers, which means you’ll burn 30% more calories than walking or running on a flat surface, even if you are working at the same speed! Engaging in this beach activityburns 300-800 calories per hour.
My dog Brie personally loves this one.
Personally, I will add some strength training with resistance bands and core training with a mat (all easy to pack) into my daily routine as well as a morning run on the beach and be able to enjoy time with family and friends, as well as my moms delectable cooking, while keeping my fitness goals intact.
I hope these activities have opened your mind to a new way of working out. The object is to just keep moving, or in this case, as Dory from Finding Nemo would say “Just Keep Swimming” Just remember your sunblock.

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