Health & Fitness: How Pinterest Can Help you Achieve Your Goals- Say What!?!?

By Ashley Aragona on April 20, 2013 from Health & Fitness via

I have a problem. I guess the first step is to admit it, so here goes.
“My name is Ashley, and I am addicted to Pinterest SOO bad”.
I never saw it coming but boy did this little internet creation get me good. I definitely have the Pinterest monkey on my back, but you know, it’s not all that bad. Some of my craftiest, tastiest, trendiest ideas have come from this site. In fact, from a fitness standpoint, this thing is AMAZING. Why? Let me explain.
  1. Healthy Recipes: Mostly free- there’s an occasional trick in there that leads you to a site to purchase a cookbook, webinar, or what not)
  2. Fitness Workouts: CRAZY workouts. Mostly serious, some creative and funny.
My favorite:the Harry Potter workout. Too funny, kind of hard!!
  1. Fitness Trends- Clothes, Shoes, Gadgets, etc

Fitness Motivation- From pictures to quotes (my favorite) this site has enough motivation to keep you going for a very long time. 

Rather than post my favorite Pinterest items here, you can find me on Pinterest at:
My fitness board is called:
“It’s a Way Of Life.”
And no, I am not trying to get more followers, I’m not that addicted….or am I?
While brainstorming this blog however, I decided to take it past Pinterest and examine how other social media sites and apps can aid you in reaching your goals. Here are my top 3 favorite sites to keep me motivated and challenged on my path to my fitness nirvana.
  1. Pinterest-  I think I already made that pretty clear : )
  2. Spark People- It has everything from recipes, to fitness videos to success stories. It has just about every app and gadget you can think of, and boasts to be the #1 Food Website- most minutes per visitor (more than the Food Network!! Which by the way is my other addiction- I know! I’m like Starbursts… Such a contradiction!)
My Must See For Spark People though is:
Challenge Central- This is pretty awesome. If you want to push yourself further, maybe not even with your workout but just with being a better, healthier person, this site has it. I’ve seen challenges for just about everything, from “Sleep Better Challenge” to “Wake Up More Refreshed Challenge” as well as “Tame your Sweet Tooth” and “Have Less Stress” The thing that is so great about these challenges is the interaction between the participants. You can join any team you want, all you have to do is sign up for a free Spark account and you’re good to go. Very, very, cool. 
  1. BodyRock TV- Now, I feel like I need to preface my statement about BodyRock with this:
 Please don’t be intimidated by these chicks
They are fitness models (who wear very cute, yet small outfits) and are fit as can be, BUT they are also very approachable in demeanor and have some of the best fitness workouts I’ve seen on the web. You’re never going to get bored at this site. Are they intense and tough? Yep but if you really want to push yourself, this is the site to go to. It also features recipes, equipment used in the exercises as well as exercise breakdowns.
My Must See for BodyRockTV
The Workouts- Honestly, if you are looking for something different, even to throw into your current routine, you’re going to find it here. I love this site for my vacations. Some hotel gyms are awesome; others leave much to be desired. So, my answer: pack my gym back with a few items; bands, weights, interval timer and my computer which I always have, and I can get one heck of a workout enjoying the scenery of my vacation destination rather than being cooped up in a tiny wanna-be gym with some treadmills and a few dumbbells. They also have some great blog articles, many of them cleverly titled, so beware, but non- the less, great content.
So there you have it. I’ve admitted my addiction to Pinterest, but hopefully some good has come out of it. I really don’t plan on kicking this habit anytime soon, so please, please to all of the Pinners out there, keep doing what you do and to all of my health and fitness peers and advocates out there trying to be positive role models of a healthy and happy person, I say the same to you, “Keep Doing What You Do”
Until Next Time,
Yours in Health and Fitness

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