Health & Fitness: Laughter is the Best Calorie Burner

By Ashley Aragona on June 29, 2013 from Health & Fitness via

I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner.”
Ever heard this quote? It was made famous by Audrey Hepburn. The quote above has obviously been cut down, she also states she “believes in pink” among other things, however for this blog, the shortened version works.
Is there science to back up Ms Hepburn’s quote? Believe it or not, some studies have been conducted to show exactly how many calories are burned while laughing. That, however, is not the topic of this post. No, my goal with this post is to get you to chuckle a little yourself.  So what are we laughing at? My favorite fitness gadgets of all time. Doesn’t sound funny? Well then you obviously haven’t seen Ellen or the infomercials for some of these.  This is my top five list of fitness gadgets that MAY OR MAY NOT be effective. I am not going to judge them on that, but I AM going to judge them on how ridiculously funny they appear.

The Hawaii Chair

This chair claims to work your core while you just sit there carrying on with your daily activities. Sounds like a great deal but you really have to see the Ellen video which shows the original infomercial to appreciate the full greatness that is the Hawaii Chair. LINK HERE
Dumbell Alarm Clock
I really can’t make this stuff up folks… it’s all legit. The dumbbell alarm clock claims to wake you up and tone your arms?? Again, the video is priceless. LINK HERE
“Because we all want to wake up and immediately start doing curls”

Treadmill Bike

“It’s a bike, it’s a treadmill, it’s a treadmill bike!” (Say that to yourself with the same bravado as “it’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s much funnier that way)
 I honestly can’t understand this one. It’s for people who love working out AND being outdoors? Couldn’t you just walk/run OR bike? I’m really very confused….. On top of that, this thing sells for $2500… REALLY!?!

Hand Fitness Trainer

A recipient of the prestigious Medical Design Excellence Award, this is the hand fitness trainer that can slow the progression of osteoarthritis and mitigate the effects of repetitive-motion injuries in the hands. The device slips on like a glove and has elastic bands that strap to each fingertip, providing resistance as you open your hand.
While I understand the premise behind this product, couldn’t they make it look less like something a villain fighting Spiderman would wear?

TheEuro Plate from Vibraslim

I really don’t even need to describe this one, the video pretty much speaks for itself. Although there has been some research on the benefits of vibration training, that’s more for a rehab type deal rather than to burn fat and tone up.LINK HERE
“No More Gyms”Still has me chuckling…
I hope you burned a few calories with these products. Again, I’m not discounting their effectiveness, just their marketing techniques.
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