A Sign Spring is Near as Parks and Recreation Staff do Deegan & Hinkle Lake Tennis Courts Prep Work

By Jeff Toquinto on March 17, 2023 via

A sure sign that spring is near, as well as the start of the high school spring sports season, took place recently at Deegan and Hinkle Lakes.
Staff from the Bridgeport Parks and Recreation Department recently power washed the tennis courts at the Deegan Lake facility. City Manager Brian Newton said the courts are cleaned near the start of spring on an annual basis.
The cleaning is done for public use. It also is done to prepare the facility to be utilized by the Bridgeport High School tennis team.
Newton said he has been informed by Parks and Recreation Director Joe Shuttleworth there is additional work being planned. The work involved removing trees in the area.
The trees run along the back of the courts, which creates an issue. The problem stems from the trees shading a portion of the tennis courts, which makes them slick.
Editor’s Note:Photos show Parks and Recreation staff recently prepping the tennis courts.

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