Business at Meadowbrook Mall Leaving after Three Decades Due to National Retailer Closing All Stores

By Jeff Toquinto on May 15, 2024 via

For the first time in a while, a business is going instead of coming to Meadowbrook Mall. And it is a national retailer that has had a presence at the facility for three decades.
In the near future, rue21, will be closing its location. For those who think that the store in Bridgeport is struggling, whether it is, or is not, is a moot point. The long-standing retail chain is closing.
“It’s unfortunate, and I think it took everyone a little bit by surprise and there was no prior indication that they were going to be doing a liquidation,” said Joe Bell, corporate communications manager with Cafaro Company that owns the mall. “Everyone did know that they have been struggling nationally for the past seven to eight years after filing a couple of times for bankruptcy and reorganization.
“There is little we could do about this closure,” Bell continued. “They are closing all of their stores nationwide.”
What that means in the days ahead, one of the longest standing retail businesses in the facility will be history. According to the Bridgeport Finance Department, they have an opening date in April 1993. That would mean it has been in Bridgeport for more than three decades.
The store is working for limited hours. Mall of city officials were not sure when the last day would be, and there was no answer when calling the business. National media reports say by the end of this month of by mid-June the closure of all stores should be complete.
According to a report from CNN, the company filed for bankruptcy in 2003 and 2017. It filed again on May 2 of this year, which marked the end of the business.
The company is based in Pittsburgh. It has stores in 45 states. Sales have already begun at the Meadowbrook Mall location.

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