Mall Car Fire Destroys Vehicle as Elderly Driver Left in Good Condition as Two Men Assist Her Out of Car

By Jeff Toquinto on July 17, 2018 via

Thanks to the help of a pair of individuals passing by and the good fortune of the incident taking place away from a crowded area, a car fire at Meadowbrook Mall Monday afternoon did not result in anyone hurt or any damage beyond the vehicle itself.
According to Bridgeport Fire Chief Phil Hart, the fire took place in an area in front of JCPenney. He said the vehicle in question was not near other cars or mall property.
“When we got there it was a working fire,” said Hart. “I am certain that had it taken place in a crowded area near other cars there would have been a lot more damage.”
As it turned out, the damage was confined to a 2002 Mercury Sable. Hart described the vehicle as a total loss.
“The driver of the car was leaving the mall when she stopped due to the fire coming out of the motor compartment,” said Hart. “She was the only occupant and was an elderly female. She was assisted out of the car by two individuals that were passing by and saw the situation.”
The names of the two individuals are unknown.
Hart said the woman in question was the only person in the vehicle. He said she did not suffer any type of injury that required medical transport to United Hospital Center.
Hart said the Bridgeport Fire Department was on the scene. He and Capt. Steve Gallo helped on the scene. The call came in at 1:25 p.m. Monday.
Editor's Note: Top photo shows the car fully engulfed, while middle picture shows the aftermath. Below, the Bridgeport crew put out the blaze.

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