NCWV Airport Director Rock to Meet with Allegiant and Hopes to be Able to Enhance, Add Flight Options

By Jeff Toquinto on March 15, 2023 via

It is that time of the year for those clamoring for new or extended destination flights out of Bridgeport to learn that the annual effort is about to be made to fulfill the wants of many. Next month, North Central West Virginia Airport Director Rick Rock will be heading to the annual Allegiant Conference to meet and discuss how things are going with the destination service provider.
The event is set for April 18-20. It will take place in Las Vegas.
“We got there with the thought we’re going to be able to prove to them we’re worth additional routes to existing service or new service,” said Rock. “They’re such an important partner, and so good to what we’re trying to accomplish that we want to see our scorecard with them, so to speak, and make sure it’s good.”
After 10 years of destination flights, starting with Orlando in 2013, the scorecard has been good. In fact, it has allowed the addition of seasonal flights to Myrtle Beach and Destin, Fla, along with what is essentially year-round flights to Tampa-St. Petersburg.
“Our first goals is to keep what we have and make sure we’ve met the goals they want us to meet. “After that, our goal is to add.”
“It’s always to get something. They’re such an important partner, keep what we have is the first goal and meet their goals.
Number one on the list is extending the Myrtle Beach service from its usual three-month summer period well into the fall.
“That has been a priority for the last few years,” said Rock. “We will once again have Myrtle Beach International Airport backing us with Allegiant as they want to see our frequency increased>
As for others, Rock said they will listen to what areas where Allegiant is expanding and see if that matches up. One area, however, is one that is brought up to himself and the airport on a regular basis.
“They’ve been adding service to Nashville and that’s the one city we get more feedback on than any as far as interest,” said Rock. “It is an up and coming destination with country music, the bachelorette capital of the world, and so much more. We’d certainly like to be connected with them and hope they will hear our case.”
Rock said as far as destination flights, he said the airport would love to have something in the northeast market. He said there are two Allegiant serves – Boston and Newark – that he believes this market would support. Rock also said Punta Gorda is not completely off the list.
“With that, we already have a presence on the west coast of Florida, and we want to be able to continue to support those flights and not have the possibility of cannibalizing them with another to the region,” said Rock. “At the same time, that is a flight both parties can look into. Like all of the suggestions we make, it is Allegiant that will make the call.”
Rock said there is only one reason a small airport like NCWV Airport is able to offer the flights it currently offers.
“We have no one to thank but our passengers,” said Rock. “They continue to use the service and we’ll continue to work to add to it.”
It should be noted for those wanting certain destination flights, they have to be offered by Allegiant to be considered.
Editor's Note: Top photo shows an Allegiant jet coming in to the North Central West Virginia Airport. Bottom photo shows NCWV Airpot Director Rick Rock in a file photo taken by Connect-Bridgeport.

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