New City Business Offers Something Special to Those Getting Ready to Greet Area's Newest Residents

By Jeff Toquinto on December 01, 2019 via

Lodgeville Road has been witness to plenty of new businesses in recent years. However, the one that just opened this month is the first of its kind in the city and the owner believes in the immediate area.  
A weekend ago, the newest local business opened its doors. It is called Gifts From Above 4D Ultrasound. And if you’re an expecting mother this may be the business for you. 
“It’s a fun place for pregnant women to bring their families and friends,” said owner Jaine Meade of the ultrasound studio. “It’s the ultrasound setting that you have with a doctor, but here you can bring in others to see the baby too. 
“At a doctor’s office, you can only bring in so many people while they’re taking measurements and making sure the baby is okay,” she continued. “Here, you can bring in a few more people and you know everything is already okay.” 
Meade is qualified with all the certifications needed on top of that, the procedure is not medical for anyone with worries. 
“I do require the individual see their doctor before they see me. We want to make sure everything is okay; everything is geared toward fun,” she said. 
Individuals taking part can due gender reveals, listen to the baby’s heartbeat and other things that is usually reserved for just a couple of individuals. Meade’s studio holds up to eight individuals as part of the 800 square foot facility. 
Where did the idea come from? 
“I’m originally from the Charleston are and there are some studios down there” said Meade. “I do ultrasound ... (and recently) went to dinner with two pregnant friends. We were talking about the studious down there, but they didn’t want to drive that far. That’s when I realized that I could do it.” 
The store also offers various items for sale to commemorate the baby’s impending arrival. The business is open Monday, Tuesday and Saturday. The hours on Monday and Tuesday are 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
To learn more or to make an appointment call 681-456-0001. 
Editor's Note: Photo shows Jaine Meade with equipment located inside of her new business.

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