Parking Fee at NCWV Airport Meeting Stated Goals as Well as Providing New Six-Figure Revenue Stream

By Jeff Toquinto on May 24, 2023 via

When the North Central West Virginia Airport began charging for parking in July of 2022, they figured a few things. First, they knew it would not necessarily be popular by some and, second, they also knew it was needed due to a lack of parking spaces at the facility and growing usage.
The Benedum Airport Authority, the airport’s governing body that signed off on the project, also knew it would create a much-needed additional revenue stream. And that has been the case.
While the complaints have subsided to a large degree and parking has improved as many travelers carpool, the revenue stream is better than forecast, NCWV Airport Director Rick Rock said. In fact, after nine full months of charging to park and a portion of July, the airport has collected $181,945 in revenue.
“It’s exceeded our expectations,” Rock said prior to the start of last week’s Benedum Airport Authority meeting. “More importantly, it has achieved the goal of controlling the environment of our parking lot. At the same time, you look at the numbers and you can see they’re doing very well.”
The airport had revenue numbers available through April for the automated parking machine. The machine allows customers to pay for parking with cash or credit. The daily cost is $5 per day and if you are in the lot for less than an hour, it is free.
“Ever since parking machine was put in place, our numbers continue to be solid because the community supports us. The enplanements have continued to go up, particularly since we added the flight to Tampa-St. (Petersburg),” Rock said. “You have that and Orlando year-round and soon you’ll have Myrtle Beach and Destin, and you’ll definitely need to make sure the parking is as controlled as possible.”
Rock said while his office heard concerns when it was first discussed and initiated, he said that has not been the case for some time.
“Honestly, I can’t tell you the last time I’ve heard a complaint. I think people understand it’s cheap, and it was needed.”
For those wondering if the equipment was a waste due to the new terminal opening in 2024. It was purchased as equipment that can – and will be – transferred to the new location when the new terminal and larger parking lot are added. 
“We’ve had times with some problems and some user problems, so we’ve tried to have someone there at peak times to help,” said Rock. “For the most part, it’s been working very well.”
Rock told the Authority he anticipates between $20,000 and $23,000 a month in revenue going forward. March has been the most revenue collected to date with $23,970 take in, while April nearly matched that total with $23,187.
Editor's Note: Top photo shows a driver getting their ticket from the NCWV Airport parking lot, while the bottom photo shows the entrance area and a list of the rates.

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