Poll Results Final: Take a Look at Readers' Choice as to Their Favorite Annual Event in City of Bridgeport

By Jeff Toquinto on March 02, 2024 via

A little more than a month ago, Connect-Bridgeport ran a poll that asked a simple question: “What is your favorite event in Bridgeport?” The poll ran after a blog was done on the same topic listing 11 fairly regular events taking place in the city.
You can read the blog HERE.
For three weeks after, the poll ran on Connect-Bridgeport. Individuals were allowed to vote just one time and the response was impressive in a poll that was unscientific and just for fun.
Connect-Bridgeport listed 11 choices for “favorite event,” as well as other for something someone else may have liked that was not included. The list of events included the following:
  • Other
  • Bridgeport Christmas Parade
  • Challenger Leage Opening Day
  • TCarl Hopkins Youth Aviation Expo
  • Wreaths Across America
  • Light Up Night
  • The Honor Flight
  • National Night Out
  • Fireworks on the 4th
  • ABB Summer Kickoff
  • Bridgeport Citywide Yard Sale
  • Derek Hotsinpiller Fallen Stars 5K
Perhaps to no one’s surprise, the event drawing the most votes was Light Up Night. The event, sponsored by the Associated Businesses of Bridgeport, draws a massive crowd in the thousands every year. It led the way with nearly 38 percent of the vote.
The runner-up event may be surprising only because it is the newest one on the list. The Carl Hopkins Youth Aviation Expo, which is aimed at youngsters and has grown substantially in just two years, came in with nearly 23 percent of the vote. The event will be back in the next few months under the guidance of Ed Waske.
Only four others received more than four percent of the vote. Wreaths Across America came in with more than 7 percent, while the Bridgeport Citywide Yard Sale came in at just over 5 percent. Those were followed by the Derek Hotsinpiller Fallen Stars 5K and Fireworks on the 4th at nearly 5 percent each.
Those were followed, in order, by the Bridgeport Christmas Parade, Challenger League Opening Day, National Night Out, Other, ABB Summer Kickoff, and the Honor Flight. Nearly 1,000 individuals voted in the poll.
Editor's Note: Aerial Photo Courtesy of the City of Bridgeport; photo by ReelShots Ed Randolph with a credit to AJ Good and Next Step Media.

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