Residents Voice Concern to Planning Commission as Subdivision Gets Approved for Possible New Home

By Jeff Toquinto on September 16, 2023 via

Several residents from the area of Stout Street and Nuzum Court voiced concerns at a recent public hearing and subdivision request in front of the Bridgeport Planning Commission.
The request was made by Steven and Suzanne Price. The parcel looking to be subdivided is situated at 417 Stout Street with access to the property for planned construction of a new home that would need to be accessed through Nuzum Court.
Several who gathered had their concerns addressed immediately. Questions during the public hearing’s earliest stages centered on a rumor that the property was going to see a multiple unit residence, or apartment complex, put in.
Bridgeport Community Development Director Andrea Kerr quickly pointed out the area in question is zoned Resident-I, which is for single-family homes only. She said there was no chance that was going to happen.
Steven Price, who was at the meeting, said the plan was to divide the parcel into two 11,000 square foot lots and build a 2,000 square foot home with an attached garage on it. Whether the house would be sold or rented, if the eventual construction goes through, was not confirmed at the meeting.
After that concern was put to rest, additional concerns came up regarding the width of Nuzum Court and having large trucks, such as those pouring concrete or carrying materials, getting access to the road. Kerr said the road was listed as 16 feet wide and it is a tight fit already for city snowplows and first responders on a street where parking is at a premium.
Nuzum Court residents Sharon and David Miller were the most vocal in their concerns. However, Kerr and members of the Planning Commission pointed out that the only item up for approval at the meeting was subdividing the property and that the Price’s property and request fell in line with city requirements.
There is one potential snag. A storm drain goes through the property that could potentially be built on and will need relocated. Price will meet with City Engineer Beth Fox about moving it, which Planning Commission President Rodney Kidd did not think would be a problem based on its size. Price would have to pay for the relocation.
Although the subdivision request was unanimously approved, it is contingent on the drain in question being able to be moved without impacting the existing system.
Questions as to how the house would sit, how long it would take to build, and what types of trucks would come into the area could not be answered. Kerr said it was impossible to answer those questions as there are no plans to review at this point as the Price family only requested the subdivision.
Kerr also told those gathered that any damage done to their property as a result of construction would be required to be brought back to its original condition, or better, by Price.
Editor's Note: Top photo shows Planning Commission member and Community Development Director Andrea Kerr, while the entire Planning Commission on hand Monday is shown in the second photo. Third photo shows the crowd on hand at the meeting.

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