Sled-Riding Accident along City Walking Trails Leads to Teen Medical Transport Initially Found Unconscious

By Jeff Toquinto on January 18, 2022 via

The Bridgeport Fire Department responded to the scene of a sled riding accident Monday accident where a young adult was found unconscious by first responders.
According to Captain Steve Gallo, his crews responded to the area between Bridgeport City Park and the Main Street Station business off of Virginia Avenue off the walking trail. Gallo said the youngster, whom he said was a teenage male, suffered from multi-system trauma.
“That is trauma that means he was dealing with issues all over,” said Gallo, who also described the injuries as moderate, but not life threatening.
The call came into the Harrison County 911 Center at 2:52 p.m. Gallo said the group of younsters with their friends, about a half a dozen or so, were enjoying their day off from school when the incident happened and he had hit a tree to cause the trauma, including to the head area.
“He had lost control,” said Gallo. “With him being unconscious and with a head injury, we followed standard protocol.”
Gallo said the young man was placed on backboard, had a cervical collar put on him, as well as a cervical mobilization device, or CID, which is the block system that secures the head.
“The kids were having a good time, but they were also responsible in the manner they called 911 and stayed with their friend until we got there. Once we got on the scene, we had to carry him about 200 feet up over the hill and back to the Parks and Recreation trail,” said Gallo.
Gallo said by the time the transport was made to United Hospital Center the youngster in question was beginning to regain consciousness.
“The situation was a lot easier because of the investment (Bridgeport) Parks and Recreation and the city have done to the trail. It made it easier to get to the man,” said Gallo. “That alone made the investment worth it.”
Through late afternoon, Gallo said staff was seeing steady activity, but most of it was on the medical front. Issues up to 5 p.m. were only minimal as far as being weather related.

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