With Holiday Shopping Season Already in Place, New Businesses Open Doors at Meadowbrook Mall

By Jeff Toquinto on November 30, 2019 via

There’s more than one new business at the Meadowbrook Mall that’s been serving customers in recent weeks. And they’re all familiar names.
Once again, several businesses are back for the holiday season at Bridgeport’s retail hub. For those that have already been out and about at the mall for the madness – or fun depending on one’s perspective – during the holiday season, they have seen them and perhaps took advantage of what they have to offer.
“It’s very important to have these businesses come in during the holiday season,” said Meadowbrook Mall Marketing Director Robin Urquhart. “Many of our shoppers rely on what they offer as they frequently provide items that either aren’t available or aren’t closely available.”
Perhaps the longest returning holiday business and the one Urquhart said is most often asked about is Hickory Farms. The national retailer is a holiday favorite nationally and their Bridgeport location is no exception, she said.
“Some people come here strictly to visit Hickory Farms; it’s that popular,” she said. “It’s one of the most popular holiday stores every year and it’s back in the same location as last year near Ulta Beauty.”
Another national chain is also back for several years in a row, but in a new location. Go Calendars! Games! returns to the mall.
“They are in the same vicinity as they were last year, but just not the exact inside store. They are at the Marshall’s end of the mall with plenty of calendars, board games and stuffed animals.”
Two other additional stores are more holiday themed. One is “Christmas Town,” making a return after being in the mall in 2018. They are located beside Leroy’s Jewelers, near JCPenney’s.
“They have everything for decorating your tree, your walls and all parts of your home. They’ve got a little bit of everything,” said Urquhart.
The other holiday-themed story is Personalized Ornaments. It is a regular business during the holiday season and provide exactly what the name implies.
“They are set up right in front of JCPenney’ and have two kiosks,” said Urquhart. “There are families that have a tradition of having ornaments made each year there with names on it.”

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