Off the Shelf: Bridgeport Public Library Creates a New Community Opportunity with Artist Spotlight Program

By Savanna Draper on September 13, 2023 from Off the Shelf via

The Bridgeport Public Library has created a new opportunity for artists to display their art in our building! Our library embraces the rich heritage and vibrant future of our growing community and aspires to be the best possible public library for Bridgeport. As a new part of this endeavor, we are hosting an ongoing Artist Spotlight. We hope to provide a space for artists of all ages and media in our community to showcase their talents and enrich our physical space. The Artist Spotlight was founded by the Friends of the Bridgeport Public Library, a group of library lovers dedicated to helping the Bridgeport Public Library achieve its goals.
All art pieces displayed as an Artist Spotlight must meet the following criteria:
• All art must fit on the wall provided. The dimensions of the wall are 65”x65”. Art may not hang from the ceiling or obstruct any furniture. Library staff will be responsible for affixing the art piece to the wall.
• All art will be displayed for three months at a time. The Artist will be notified of their pick-up date and will be given one week from that date to pick up their art. The Library is not responsible for art the Artist fails to pick up in the allotted time. Artists may be of any age, but those under 18 will need parental permission before consideration.
• Interested Artists may reach out to Angela Spatafore, Adult Services Coordinator by phone at 304-842-8248 Option 5 or email to discuss details and be placed on the rotation schedule. Interested Artists will be asked to provide photos or PDFs of the art they want to display. Appointments at the Library may be an option for Artists that do not have the ability to provide these digital files.
• The displayed art may be of any media but must be appropriate for all ages and not contain any references to illegal acts or objects, sexual activities, religion, or politics. All art must be approved by the Library, and the Library reserves the right to refuse any art deemed inappropriate for the Artist Spotlight.
• The Artist is free to provide their own brochures, business cards, and other marketing materials to display in a community-centric area of the library. The Library is not responsible for printing, designing, or replenishing these materials. However, the Library will make a social media post promoting the Artist Spotlight every new rotation. The Artist may not sell their artwork on Library grounds, but their marketing materials may include their contact information those interested can use to reach out.
• The Library will accept repeat Artists, but new Artists will be given priority.
We hope to start this new project in October. We already have a few artists from our community interested, but we encourage everyone to spread the word!

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