Youth Sports Tradition Continues as Braedyn Yates is 2020 Bonn Kehrer Sportsmanship Award Winner

By Jeff Toquinto on July 29, 2020 via

In a year where there has not been a whole lot to celebrate on the sports front, the fact youth baseball is taking place at venues such as the Bridgeport Recreation Complex after a delay has been one bright spot for many youngsters.
On Monday, another bright spot took place amidst the youth baseball. The annual presentation of the Bonn Kehrer Sportsmanship Award went ahead as scheduled.
The award is given by the Kehrer family in honor of their son Bonn. He was seven years old when he passed in 2007. Despite the youthful age, his father Albert and mom Stacy knew their son was already a leader who represented sportsmanship on the baseball field.
To that end, the award was created to recognize virtues of sportsmanship and leadership. On Monday, the 13th annual award was presented.
Braedyn Yates, a member of Reep Graphics, was presented with the honor. Yates is the son of Corey and Rachel Yates.
Albert Kehrer said he did not know the award winner before the presentation but got a chance to watch him just prior to it being announced. Reep Graphics was playing prior to the presentation and Kehrer said they had gotten beat.
“I watched him, and he lost with dignity because he was still smiling and having fun with his buddies. The young man carries himself well, and his mother and father should be proud,” said Kehrer.
The honor is voted on by managers in Bridgeport Little League, said Kehrer. Kehrer said Yates was a unanimous pick.
Kehrer said he and his wife Stacy plan on continuing the award. He said along with keeping Bonn’s memory fresh in the minds of people, it serves another very important purpose.
“I miss my son dearly, but the biggest thing with this award is to touch a life in a positive way and have the kids aim at an honor that’s about sportsmanship and leadership,” said Albert. “I remember my son was the first one to console someone who needed to be consoled, which led to the idea of this award.
“We want to recognize character, which a big part of is helping and being there for others, because that’s what is important,” he continued. “If you get it right with character everything else falls into place.”
Editor's Note: Top photo shows Braedyn Yates, middle with trophy surrounded by Albert and Stacy Kehrer. They are joined by 2019 winner Carson Currey, 2018 winner Andrew Bell and 2009 winner Tristan Knapp. Bottom photo is Braedyn with his parents Rachel and Corey Yates. Photos courtesy of John Minnocci; photos taken by Jessica Julian. 

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