Best City to Move to West Virginia? Web Site Reveals Top Six Ranking and Bridgeport Fares Extremely Well

By Jeff Toquinto on May 26, 2023 via

Looking for a good city to move to? Looking, perhaps, for a good city to move to in West Virginia?
If so, the relocation Web site thinks there is a place or two right here in North Central West Virginia you may want to consider. And one of those places many reading this are very familiar with.
According to the Web site, which aims to “help make your move as painless as possible,” the City of Bridgeport is one of the top three places to move to in the Mountain State. The Web site’s recently released 2022 rankings show Bridgeport listed as the third best city in West Virginia for those looking for a new place to live.
At the top of the list is one of Bridgeport’s nearby neighbors in Morgantown. In second place on the list was Huntington. Charleston, Charlestown, and Wheeling round out the top six, respectively, according to the site.
The description of Bridgeport was short and to the point. It is as follows:
“Bridgeport, located in Harrison County, has a population of around 9000 residents, making it one of the smaller places on our list. It is one of the best cities to move to in West Virginia for everyone who values peace and quiet and wants to live in a smaller place close enough to bigger cities.”
This is not the first time in recent years Bridgeport has ranked high on a number of positive lists sent out by regional and national Web site. The city has frequently fared well on lists by multiple sites, particularly those with an emphasis on real estate and relocating.
You can click HERE to see the entire report. The Web site has lists for other states as well for those interested.
Editor's Note: Top photo shows swimmers at the Citynet Center located at The Bridge Sports Complex, while one of Bridgeport's many outdoor park facilities is shown below.

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