Sweat & Smiles: When Seeking Ways to Help Make Yourself Feel Better, Find Path that Actually Does It

By Melissa Romano on December 01, 2018 from Sweat & Smiles via Connect-Bridgeport.com

So you want to lose 20 pounds. Why? While you might say you want to see a lower number on the scale I’m going to guess it’s actually because of how you think losing 20 pounds would make you feel. 
The belief with losing weight is that you will feel better. Why then do you insist on going about losing weight in a weigh that makes you feel miserable? 
A close friend of mine shared her recent experience with exercise after a major surgery. She explained that she used to believe if she weren’t walking at a certain pace, sweating profusely, and feeling miserable that it was pointless to even walk.
Taking this route was bringing her a great deal of pain and leaving her unable to walk for a couple days after. After repeating this cycle she had an epiphany. What if she were to slow down, scale back, and focus on listening to her body? As she described her relief and joy with being able to slow down, focus on her posture, and feel her body moving I couldn’t help but feel the same relief and joy. 
If you are doing something so that you will feel better, why not take a path that feels better? 
I use this same concept parenting. I realized quickly that if the house was full of noise and chaos and what I wanted to experience was peace and quiet, why would I add to the noise and chaos? I started choosing paths that actually felt like peace and quiet; things like patience, modeling the behavior, or redirecting.
Applying the same thought to weight loss would mean instead of atoning for an indulgent meal and using exercise as a form of self-mutilation you’d move from a place of connection with your body. If what you want to experience is feeling better then start choosing paths that actually feel better. 
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EDITOR'S NOTE: Melissa Romano is the creator of You First Fitness a revolutionary style of personal training program designed to make you the expert on your life and body. She is also the co-creator of Balanced You Wellness Retreats. After graduating from West Virginia Wesleyan College she completed 200+ hours to obtain her Professional Certificate of Personal Fitness Training from Pierpont Community College.  Since 2009 she has worked full-time as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and wellness coach. She believes in functional fitness, healthy lifestyle changes and a holistic approach to a better, happier, healthier life. In 2015 she welcomed her greatest joy and fiercest life lesson into the world, Cannon Cobb. The two of them can usually be found outside or at one of the local parks. Visit Melissa's Web site at  https://youfirst.fitness/ or email her at melissa@youfirst.fitness.

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