Did You See Jesus in Bridgeport Today? He's Not the Real Deal, But His Message Is, He Said

By Julie Perine on September 21, 2012


Jesus came to Bridgeport today.

Actually, he said his name is Bob Rock and he attends various non-denominational churches in the Oakland, Md. area.

Age 53, Rock and other members of the “Crosswalk Ministry” frequent cities from Baltimore to Washington, DC.

Just last year, they paid a visit to Joplin, Missouri, to check on tornado victims.

Rock dresses the part – from his dusty sandals to his linen-like robe. But underneath, he sported camouflage shorts.
 The reason for the garb is obvious.

“People notice me,” he said.

Rock said his main message is simple.

“I never condemn, but always try to leave people with hope,” he said.

Rock accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior just 13 years ago. Rock says He brought him from a stormy past and set him on solid ground. He said he likes sharing the gospel to others.

“I like opening the door for them,” he said. “Or a lot of times, it’s just about an ‘attaboy’ -  keep the faith. You’re doing a good job. People need that.”

A lot of people stopped and talked to him today, many through their car windows. He prayed with them. And he talked with them. Sometimes, he gets an earful, but he listens with a quiet heart, he said.

“I’m like the proverbial bartender,” Rock said. “But I have a different wood which people rest on.”
He doesn't walk empty handed, but carries - or actually rolls - a large, wooden cross. Rock said he guesses one would call him a minister, because he does, in fact, minister. But presently, his day job is working at Subway in Oakland, Md.

Just the other day, a customer mentioned the city of Bridgeport and Rock took it as a sign to visit. He’s been here before, he said.
Today, he parked at Home Depot and progressed down Route 50 East onto Main Street.

“I’ll probably walk until it gets dark,” he said.

Rock said being part of such a ministry was laid upon his heart about four years ago when he was watching TV. The show was about Arthur Blessitt, a traveling Christian preacher from Mississippi, known for carrying a cross through every nation of the world. 

“I heard a voice – not an audible one, but one in my head, asking, ‘You watching this?’”

Rock said he felt very led to begin a crosswalk ministry of his own. The very next day, he visited his hometown hardware store and purchased some fence rails, a couple of nuts and bolts, some rope – and a wheel, for easier cross transport.

Rock has a sense of humor and is a good sport about his last name.

“People say, yeah, right, so you think you’re the rock,” he said.

He said he’s not the foundation, but he knows who is.


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