Bridgeport High School
515 Johnson Avenue
Bridgeport, WV 26330
Phone Numbers: (304) 842-3693 or (304) 326-7137
Principal: Mr. Mark DeFazio
Notable: BHS has had the highest standardized test scores in Harrison County for the last 12 years and posted the highest scores on the WestTest in the state. They have also been named a West Virginia Exemplary School every year the award has been given; the only school in the state to do so.
The present building opened in 1963, and since that time, three major additions have been added to accommodate the increasing enrollment. The latest addition contains two state-of-the-art computer labs. These labs, plus the Technology Opportunity Center school/community lab provided by the US Department of Education and the West Virginia High Tech Consortium, will allow BHS students to be comfortable in the 21st century.
Bridgeport Middle School
413 Johnson Avenue
Bridgeport, WV 26330
Phone Numbers: (304) 326-7142 or (304) 842-6251
Principal: Mrs. Carole Crawford
Notable: Our school facility, completed in the spring of 1995, houses grades 6-8 with an enrollment of 560 students. Following the middle school concept, each grade level has a designated pod of classrooms, computer lab, and a team of teachers.
A technology-rich environment, BMS offers students access to computers in all classrooms as well as eight computer labs, which are maintained by an on-site technology coordinator. The library/media center is under the supervision of a full-time library/media specialist.
Simpson Elementary School
250 Worthington Drive
Bridgeport, WV 26330
Phone Number: (304) 326-7060
Principal: Ms. Loria Reid
Notable:Simpson Elementary School was built in 1909, and was the original Bridgeport High School. It became an elementary school when a new high school was built. A multipurpose room was added and is used as our cafeteria, gymnasium and auditorium. With growth, a new wing was built in 1975, which currently houses our K-2 classrooms and our computer lab. Many renovations have taken place over the years. The newest addition is finished and will house 10 new classrooms and a new office complex.Simpson Elementary was also named a 2011 Exemplary School.
Featured student blogger: Rachel Morgan, 3rd Grade Student, Simpson Elementary School.
Why is Bridgeport important to you?
Bridgeport is important to me because it is my home. I feel great living here. The people are nice. Our neighbors give me popsicles and bubble gum when I am playing outside. Another lady in town makes me delicious homemade spaghetti.
Two of the best places to play are at Bridgeport City Park and the City Pool. The park has two playgrounds, ball fields, and a walking trail. The pool has a water slide, two diving boards and a splash park. There are many kids like me in Bridgeport, so I have lots of friends to play with.
I love Bridgeport!
Johnson Elementary School
531 Johnson Avenue
Bridgeport, WV 26330
Phone Number: (304) 326-7109
Principal: Ms. Vicki Huffman
Notable: Johnson Elementary was built in the 1950s. The main structure is situated on a campus that includes Bridgeport High School and Bridgeport Middle School. The building also has a new library complex. It was also named a 2011 West Virginia Exemplary School.
Featured student blogger: Sarah Kinney, 4th Grade Student, Johnson Elementary School.
What do you like most about Bridgeport?
"I like Bridgeport because you see somebody you know at the store, at the bank, at the library, and at restaurants.  Another thing I like about Bridgeport is that at sports and at activities, you might see your friends.  I like Bridgeport because wherever you go, you see somebody you know."
Heritage Christian School
225 Newton Street
Bridgeport, WV  26330
Phone Number: (304) 842-1740
Administrator: Mrs. Linda Simms
Web site:
Notable:  Heritage Christian School serves families from four counties and more than 45 different churches. HCS... where caring, qualified teachers, Christ-centered curriculum, character development and a loving environment emulate family values for the nearly 150 preschool through high school students served.
West Virginia Junior College
176 Thompson Dr.
Bridgeport, WV 26330
Phone number: (304) 842-4007
Director: Sharron Stephens
Web site:

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