WVU Legend Owen Schmitt Involved in Unique Breast Cancer Event Saturday

Owners Owen Schmitt, Jeff Giosi, and Ashley Anderson would like to invite West Virginia residents to their Barbells for Boobs Benefit on Saturday, October 25th from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. 
Have you seen Cross Fit on ESPN? This is your chance to experience a live Cross Fit competition of local participants in a fun, encouraging, and welcoming environment. This family friendly contest and all of the surrounding activities; including prizes and giveaways, local vendors, special guest speakers, activities for children, and more, will all be in support of early detection of breast cancer.
This cause is very personal for many in the West Virginia community and several of CrossFit Morgantown’s members, including co-owner Jeff Giosi.  “My mom is alive today because of regular breast exams, monitoring, and early detection. At 34 years old, I'm thankful my mom is still with me and I’m so proud to call her my Hero!” Giosi’s mother is a five year breast cancer survivor and will be sharing her story as well as participating in the competition on Saturday. “We just hope everyone will come out for a really good time and to help us donate as much money as possible for such a great cause.” added CrossFit Morgantown co-owner and former NFL football player Owen Schmitt.
This event is free and open to the public, with a suggested donation of $10 at the door. 100% of the proceeds from this benefit will be donated to Barbells for Boobs, a non-profit organization dedicated to the early detection of breast cancer, with an emphasis on women and men under the age of 40.
The doors open at 9 a.m. with the first heat of the competition kicking off at 10 a.m. at CrossFit Morgantown located at 1065 Greenbag Road, Suite A. For more information on the event or to donate, the public can visit, call 304.685.5920, or view the CrossFit Morgantown page on Facebook.

by Connect-Bridgeport Staff on October 24, 2014 EST

Frontier Communications Opens Customer Retail Center in Clarksburg

Community and business leaders joined Frontier Communications (NASDAQ: FTR) officials today to open a new customer retail center at 428 West Main St.
Area General Manager Chip VanAlsburg said the center will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.
“With the opening of the Clarksburg retail center, local residents have an opportunity to speak directly to our team about the services Frontier offers in Harrison County and surrounding areas,” VanAlsburg said. “The new downtown center gives us another way to make customers aware of the leading-edge services and great values available to local residents and businesses.”
VanAlsburg said Frontier has invested heavily in its broadband network and provides local residents and businesses access to leading-edge communications services.
“We are eager to let local residents know about the communications technologies and services available in our area,” he said.
VanAlsburg said Frontier offers broadband and telephone services that can be bundled with DISH Network television service at substantial savings.

by Connect-Bridgeport Staff on October 24, 2014 EST

Several Organizations Come Together to Collect Food for Shepherd’s Corner

To give back to the local community and raise awareness for Shepherd’s Corner, the City of Bridgeport Fire Department, GFWC Women’s Club and Bridgeport Lions Club will conduct a food drive on October 25th from 10am-1pm. The Bridgeport Fire Department will be driving the city’s neighborhood streets collecting non-perishable items. Leave your contribution by your mailbox or beside your door by 10am on that day.
The food drive is being held to alleviate burdens on Shepherd’s Corner, which has had to meet the continuously rising demand for food over the past few years. “Shepherd’s Corner has seen a significant increase in the amount of food being distributed from last year to this year,” said MaryEllen Depue, Chairperson of Shepherd’s Corner. “We are not only in desperate need of food, but personal care items as well. These are things that can’t be purchased with food stamps.” Shepherd’s Corner serves between 5,000-6,000 people a year with food and personal care items. Some of the items that they are in need of that they have to regularly purchase include: peanut butter and jelly, canned milk, baked beans and granulated sugar.
The food drive is the perfect way for individuals to help others in their community. However, if you are unable to leave items on your porch or live outside the city limits, you can drop off your nonperishable food or personal care items at the Bridgeport Fire Departments (on Main Street or the Sub-Station by UHC), Civic Center or City Hall (515 W. Main Street) the week of October 20-25, and they will be taken to Shepherd’s Corner.
You can also call Shepherd’s Corner at 304-842-6352 or stop by their Bridgeport location on Pennsylvania Avenue.  They are open 10-2 every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

by Connect-Bridgeport Staff on October 23, 2014 EST

WVWC Office of Admissions to Hold First Fall Open House November 1

The Office of Admissions at West Virginia Wesleyan College will be hosting its first fall open house on Saturday, November 1 beginning at 9:15 a.m. in the lobby of the Virginia Thomas Law Center for the Performing Arts. 
The benefits of attending a collegiate open house are tremendous.  Wesleyan’s open house will give prospective students and their families a chance to tour the beautiful 102-acre Georgian campus, make connections with professors from their intended major, learn about the Admissions and Financial Aid processes, chat with admissions counselors, and hear from current Wesleyan students about what it is really like to live, eat, and study on campus.
Wesleyan strives to provide students and their families the entire experience, and this will become a vital piece while exploring college options. Choosing a college is a difficult decision, and attending an open house is the best way to capture a glimpse of what it is like to be a student on campus.
The Office of Admissions is accepting student reservations for the November 1 visit.  Call (800) 722-9933 or visit to register by Friday, October 31.  The College will offer two more open house dates on November 15 and December 6.  If you are unable to attend these days but would still like to visit Wesleyan, please contact us to schedule a weekday visit.
Located in Buckhannon, West Virginia Wesleyan College offers 47 undergraduate majors along with graduate programs in athletic training, business administration, education, English creative writing, and nursing.  During the past eight years, thirteen Wesleyan students have been named Fulbright Scholars, while four others have won international scholarships through the U.S. Department of State.

by Connect-Bridgeport Staff on October 22, 2014 EST

Sewer Line, Storm Drain Work in Residential Area May Lead to Traffic Delays

Starting today until October 31, 2014, Bear Contracting will be working on Ritter Street, installing a sanitary sewer line and a storm drain in the road.  Work will be between the hours of 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday.
Please be reminded this will affect traffic with possible delays and stoppage.  When and if possible, residents and commuters may want to consider taking alternate routes during the project hours.
The city apologizes for any inconveniences. 

by Connect-Bridgeport Staff on October 21, 2014 EST

Smoke Testing Happening for the Next 24 to 48 Hours

Released by the City of Bridgeport Engineering Department:
During the next 24 to 48 hours, the City of Bridgeport and Thrasher Engineering will commence smoke testing of the sanitary and storm sewer system in your area. Smoke testing is a cost-effective method to locate leaking sewers, lost manholes, and faulty sewer connections. With your cooperation, we can identify where runoff enters the sewer system and effect repairs. Our goal is to provide a safe, economical, efficient, and environmentally sound sewer system. During rainstorms, excessively high volumes of runoff cause Combined Sewer Overflows to discharge.
Testing hours will be from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Residents can expect to see some smoke coming out of their sewer roof vents during the test. If a residence has a faulty sewer connection, smoke might enter the house through the faulty connection. If this occurs, DO NOT BE ALARMED. The smoke is non-toxic, non-staining, and free of oil and colored particles. The smoke creates no fire hazard. Opening windows and doors will cause the smoke to dissipate. In the event that you should have direct contact with the smoke, you may experience some minor irritation of the respiratory passages. If people in your building have asthma, emphysema, or some other respiratory condition, please notify us so we can discuss your case in further detail. If traces of smoke or odors enter your building, it is an indication that sewer gases may also enter. Evidence of smoke in your house should be immediately reported to the City of Bridgeport and to your plumber. Location and identification of the source should be noted, if possible, and correction of the problem is highly recommended. Correction of any defects in the pipes and sewer on private property is the responsibility of the owner.
During the day prior to the date of the scheduled testing, pour water down ALL drains in your home or building to ensure your U-bend sewer traps are full.
If you have any questions, please contact the Engineering Department Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Contact: City of Bridgeport - Engineering Department 304-842-8231

by Connect-Bridgeport Staff on October 20, 2014 EST

City of Bridgeport Public Works Department Seeks Help from Residents to Reduce Flooding

The City of Bridgeport’s Public Works Department needs the help of residents in keeping storm grates around their house or business clear of debris in order to help reduce flooding. Every effort is made by Public Works Personnel to keep these grates clean. However, during the fall season, leaves fall extremely quickly, especially during heavy rainfall.
The City encourages concerned residents to help by removing debris around storm grate entrances closest to their home to provide the best possible storm water drainage for your neighborhood. In addition to flood reduction, clean, free-flowing storm drains also prevent damage to yards and reduced wear and tear on local roads.
If you live inside the city limits, Waste Management will take yard waste that is bagged and weighs no more than 35 lbs. Shrubs, tree limbs, and brush must be no more than 4 feet in length, bundled, tied and weigh no more than 35 lbs. They will also take leaves which do not have to be placed in biodegradable bags. If you have a lot of bags, please contact Waste Management and inform them.
Remember, it is not a good idea to go out in an active storm to remove the debris. Do not remove drain grates, only the debris on top of them.
The assistance residents provide will be greatly appreciated throughout the entire community.
Contact the Engineer’s Office at 304-842-8231 with questions.

by Connect-Bridgeport Staff on October 18, 2014 EST

Harrison County Athletes Shine at Punt, Pass, and Kick Sectionals

Harrison County was well represented at the NFL Punt, Pass, and Kick Sectional Competition held on October 11 at Laurel Highlands High School in Uniontown, PA. Seven local residents placed in the competition, including five champions.
Emily Riggs of Bridgeport placed first in the Girls 12-13 Division with a combined total of 272’5”. The 10-11 year old division was a sweep for the locals as Talia Beto of Clarksburg captured the girls division with a total of 141’4, while Payton Hawkins of Enterprise (266’1”) outdistanced his nearest opponent by 57’10” in the boys’ division.
Anthony Spatafore of Bridgeport and Mia Beto of Clarksburg claimed victories in the 8-9 year old division. Spatafore (166’1”) won the boys division by 21’11” over his nearest opponent and Beto finished first with a combined 115’8”. In the 6-7 year old division, Jack Spatafore placed 3rd in the boys bracket, while Sophia Devono claimed 2nd in the girls bracket.
The five champions will now have the opportunity to advance to the Pittsburgh Steelers Team Competition to be held in Pittsburgh in December based on how their scores compare to other sectional winners. Team Championship will have 4 Participants in each age group. Participants are determined by the top 4 scores from the qualifying Sectional Competitions.
Editor's Note: Mia Beto, Talla Beto, Emily Riggs, Payton Hawkins, Anthony Spatafore, and Jack Spatafore, Not pictured: Sophia Devono

by Connect-Bridgeport Staff on October 17, 2014 EST

Movie Review with Jeff McCullough: Dracula Untold

Vlad the Impaler was by all accounts not a very nice guy, earning his title by, you guessed it, impaling and murdering thousands of people. His cruelty and atrocious acts have earned him a place of infamy in history, but Vlad is perhaps most famous as the basis of the infamous Count Dracula, a blood sucking vampire who kills without remorse in order to satisfy an insatiable thirst for human vital fluids. Portraying this creature as a hero is no easy task, with the blood guzzling rampant murder and such, but Dracula Untold almost pulls it off. A number of other issues creep their ugly heads in though and bring down what could have been an interesting origin for one of horrors most famous monsters.
In Untold Vlad , portrayed excellently by relative newcomer Luke Evans, is repeatedly portrayed as a man willing to do whatever it takes to succeed, making the hard choices when he has to. He kills thousands in order to save hundreds of thousands, and has no qualms against performing some truly vile acts to protect his family and his kingdom. However, he is not a monster, a being without remorse. Beloved by his wife, his son and the people he rules, Vlad has put his past behind him to attempt a life of peace. It’s only an invasion from Turkey that leads to Vlad, a desperate man, making the ultimate sacrifice. He gives up his own humanity to gain the powers of a vampire, becoming a ruler of darkness and son of the devil, Dracula.
The powers of darkness are seemingly limitless, shown in several scenes where Vlad takes on entire armies by himself---and wins. For such a strong guy, Dracula has the grace of a ballerina, leaping between enemies and taking them down with a single powerful blow, turning his body into a cloud of bats and massacring entire platoons in a single, massive sweep. Some clever editing keeps the action PG-13, but shots of men being thrown like rag dolls and shredded like wax paper sell Dracula as a real force of nature, capable of taking on thousands of men single-handedly and coming out on top. The action doesn’t let up until a thrilling one-on-one swordfight brings it all to a breathtaking climax. Some of the CGI is a bit shoddy for a film with this budget, especially with swarms of bats, but overall it’s an excellent blend of both supernatural and more standard warfare and a big highlight of the film.
The story behind the fighting is unfortunately doesn’t quite reach the same level. It’s not bad, but surprisingly generic and at times nothing short of dull. Old Dracs himself gets a decent amount of backstory, and while he isn’t the most original protagonist to grace the silver screen, he’s an easy enough guy to root for.
On the other hand his wife, child, friends, and really just about everyone else in the film, are forgettable set pieces. All of the awful things Vlad does, and the very reason he turns himself into Dracula, are for the sake of his family and his subjects. It’s a problem then that his wife’s only real defining traits are “nice” and “good looking.” When these people are in peril or even dying it’s hard to care too much about their fates since we never grew to know them.
The portrayal of vampirism in Untold is another highpoint, showing them as savage monsters rather than the seductive creatures displayed in shows like Tru Blood and Vampire Diaries. Vlad himself is a pretty attractive guy, but when he finally let’s go, and the monster comes out it’s a hideous sight indeed. The head vampire who turned him, played by Charles Dance of Game of Thrones fame, is a nasty looking creature, with pale lifeless skin hanging off his bones and nails like daggers. After having their reputation drug through the mud by Twilight and its contemporary’s, stories like this one and The Strain are helping to restore it. Vampires are vicious predators, more likely to murder than seduce you, and I’m happy that cinema’s beginning to remember this.         
Supposedly, Dracula Untold is going to be the start of a new franchise, an Avengers of sorts starring Universal monsters, like Frankenstein and The Mummy. Whether these plans come to fruition remain to be seen, but there’s definitely potential in the idea, and if the world is more fleshed out, and the writing upped a bit it could be a real treat. As of now, though, there are enough scenes of vampire action and swarms of bloodthirsty bats that Untold doesn’t truly bite, but at the same time there’s not enough substance behind the action for it to really take flight.
If you can ignore the clichés and the watered down characterizations, Dracula Untold is a lot of fun with more than enough to mark its status as a worthy, if flawed, addition to vampire  lore and a potentially strong beginning to a new series. 
3 out of 5 Stars. 

by Jeff McCullough on October 16, 2014 EST

Bridgeport Jerry West Basketball Sign Up Dates, Times, Location Announced

Bridgeport Jerry West Basketball sign ups will be Saturday, Oct. 25 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and Sunday, Nov. 2 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Bridgeport City Hall.
Boys and Girls will play together in all age groups: 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, and 13-15.  The 9-10 age group will have two divisions: Community and Competitive League.
Registration fee is $95 for first child and $75 for each additional child – it is necessary to bring the child’s birth certificate and latest report card.
Age of participation is based on age as of Sept. 1, 2014
A late fee of $10 will be charged for any registrations received after Nov. 4. Those registering late take the risk of being wait-listed.
Players must attend schools in the Bridgeport school district.
Players eligible for school teams must register to participate this season. They will be reimbursed if they make their school teams.
Registration forms can be downloaded at Additional information can be found at that link or at the Bridgeport Jerry West Facebook page:
Evaluation dates to be determined.  

by Michelle Duez on October 16, 2014 EST

BHS Student Competes in Miss West Virginia Teen USA Pageant this Weekend

Victoria Bonafield of Bridgeport will compete for the title of Miss West Virginia Teen USA the weekend of October 17th, 18th, &19th. The competition is being held at the Days Inn Hotel & Conference center in Flatwoods.
Victoria is the daughter of Patrick and Buffy and is a student at Bridgeport High School.
Her activities include, she is a member of the BHS Thespian Troope, Active in Theatre, singing, dancing, and piano.
She is also a lifeguard at the Bridgeport Pool.
Friends are welcome to attend the pageant to support Victoria. You may call the Pageant Office for ticket information at 724-785-4648.
Miss Bonafield’s sponsors for the Miss West Virginia Teen USA Pageant are UniFirst Corporation, Newpointe Pharmacy, Dr. Cynthia L. Bonafield, PLLC and T Gregory Moore, DDS.
The winner will go on to represent the state in the Miss Teen USA Pageant, which is one of the most anticipated events of his year.

by Connect-Bridgeport Staff on October 15, 2014 EST

Wilson Martino Holds Trick or Treat for Troops

One area dentist is redefining the phrase “put your money where your mouth is.”  From November 3-7;  trick-or-treaters can bring their excess candy to any Wilson Martino Dental location or to TLC Dental during normal business hours and they will be paid $1 for every pound of candy they turn in!  As a thank you from our community, the offices will then ship all candy to troops serving overseas.  Dr. Robert Martino is leading this annual community “THANK YOU TROOPS” event.
“Trick-or-Treat for the troops this year and earn a little money doing it.   Pick a few of your favorite treats to keep and then let us buy the rest.  A few pieces of candy here and there won’t do much harm to your teeth, but doing away with excess sweets altogether would really give your mouth a healthy boost,” says Robert Martino, D.D.S., C.E.O. of Wilson Martino Dental, the largest dental organization in West Virginia.  “Kids can still have all the fun of trick-or-treating, and now their piggy banks will benefit as well.  Plus, these glowing toothbrushes we’re giving out are really cool – kids will love to brush with them.”
Global sugar consumption for kid’s increases by about 2% annually and currently sits at 50 million tons per year, which means that parents need to make sure their kids teeth are being cared for more than ever.  Candy, as well as hurting children’s teeth, can lead to hyperactivity and weight gain.  In some cases, the wrong types of candy can also lead to broken teeth and damaged braces.
Candy will be collected at each Wilson Martino Dental office and at TLC Dental, after Halloween From November 3-7, during office hours.  The candy must be unopened, please no bites.  It will then be shipped to the troops serving overseas.   Candy drop-off locations include:  Bridgeport, Buckhannon, Elkins, Fairmont, Morgantown, Teays Valley and TLC Dental in Sabraton.  Directions and hours for all participating drop off locations can be obtained at , or by calling 1-87-SMILE-WIDE (877-645-3943).
Dr. Martino has been in dentistry for over 20 years and his eight offices see thousands of children each year.  He has been interviewed many times in magazines, newspapers, and on radio and television regarding various dental subjects.  To set up interviews, please call 304-933-5305 and ask to speak with Wendy Boyce, Marketing Director.   

by Connect-Bridgeport Staff on October 15, 2014 EST

Latest Phone Scam Involves Arrest Warrant Claim, Fine Payment over Phone

Attorney General Patrick Morrisey is warning citizens about a new telephone scam in which a person receives a call alleging there is a warrant out for his or her arrest, but the charges will be dismissed if the person pays a fine over the phone.
Our Consumer Protection Division has received reports from residents throughout the state who have been contacted by someone who alleges to be from the county sheriff’s department or other law enforcement agency. The “officer” generally asks for a fine to be paid with a pre-paid debit card in exchange for dropping the charges.
“These scammers can be very convincing, especially if they provide you with a name and a phony badge number,” Attorney General Morrisey said. “They often tell their victims they have missed jury duty service or they’ve defaulted on a loan, and count on their victim to react without thinking.”
To make the scam more believable, these calls often will be made to appear as if they are coming from a local law enforcement agency. Additionally, the scammers sometimes provide the name of a judge in the area who supposedly will sign the arrest warrant if the caller doesn’t comply with the demand for immediate payment.
“No law enforcement agency will make initial contact with you over the phone to collect a fine, and they especially won’t demand payment with a pre-paid debit card,” Morrisey said. “They will not serve you with a warrant by telephone either, so it’s important that you remain calm if you receive a call like this. Take note of the number on Caller ID, get as much information from the caller as you can, and then hang up and call your local law enforcement.”
If you have received one of these phone calls, notify your local law enforcement agencies, and then call the Consumer Protection Division at 1-800-368-8808.

by Connect-Bridgeport Staff on October 15, 2014 EST

BHS Students Set Out to Break Social Norms

Social norms were not meant to be broken. This is exactly what Mrs. Jennifer Sprouse’s  AP Psychology class at BHS discovered last week when they were given the assignment to publicly break a social norm.
These small experiments spanned a wide variety of socially acceptable behaviors which the students did not perform and recorded the bystanders reactions. Each student was given a partner to perform these experiments with, and then set out with these guidelines: you must break a social norm, you cannot break the law, and record your results.
Social norms are not rules that anyone ever wrote down or explained. They are something that most adapt to without even thinking about. Each person follows these rules and expects that others will perform the same courtesy.
It is just assumed that other people won't bring china plates for fine dining at McDonald's but AP Psychology students Savannah Blythe and Maggie Lohmann did.
"When people noticed we were fine dining, they wouldn't sit in the same section as us anymore, the children stared, and the parents tried not to stare, but everyone definitely kept a 'safe distance' from us," said Blythe.
Two separate pairs decided to go to the children's area in the Meadowbrook Mall and ride the motorized car and motorcycle. Another pair went into Spencer's at the mall and cheered for contestants on the game show, “Jeopardy.”  Many had conversations with people they had never met before and one pair even asked to take "selfies" with each new person they met.
Most of these experiments resulted in confused observers or even some felt violated. This was especially apparent when a pair of boys went into a public bathroom and tried to strike up conversation with strangers.
 "I think it's important to get students involved in what they are studying and thinking about their material in a new way. We don't think about social norms until you or someone around you breaks these rules," said Sprouse.
It is assumed that Target is not the place for anyone to take a nap, but one pair decided to take a pillow and lay down while shopping. Another pair placed their order at McDonald's in an extremely elevated language when they asked for "moderately-sized finger chips", which can be translated as a medium French fry. Instead of facing towards each other at a table in Chick-Fil-A, one pair turned their chairs in opposing directions but proceeded to carry on a conversation.
Brady Hillegas and Jacob Love, also Sprouse's students, performed two experiments on social norms. Hillegas explained, "We bought food, pulled up chairs and watched the TVs at Target and Shoe Carnival. The TVs at Target are continuously set to run Target commercials, so we asked an associate for a remote to change the channel.
When we went to Shoe Carnival, there were chairs already set by the TVs so we just sat down. We actually had people laughing at us. After both of these, we went to Victoria's Secret, congratulated an employee on her hard work, and gave her a card that said 'Hey, I'm thinking of you.' She asked us to leave afterwards."
Editor's Note: This was not a project assigned by Story submitted by BHS journalism department. Photo courtesy of BHS Journalism Department.

by Connect-Bridgeport Staff on October 12, 2014 EST

BHS Announces Honor Roll List for 1st Six Weeks

Bridgeport High School Honor Roll
1st Six Weeks Grading Period
Perfect Honor Roll
Samuel Aloi, Jennafer Alonge, Todd Antill, Taylor Bailey, Jessica Balash, Megan Blount, Courtney Boot, Whitney Bryant, Lynsey Butler, Eric Cavallo, Madison Coberly, Andrea Cooper, Devon Cunningham, Danielle Dennison, Hunter Fain, Hannah Fetty, Katelyn Fluharty, Kylie Frame, Daniel Freeman, James Goots, Michael Gray, Emily Greer, Joshua Hastings, Kristin Hatfield, Seth Hicks, Zachary Hineman, Malinda Hodge, Samuel Jesmer, Abagail Kirkham, Tristan Knapp, Scott Kroll, Janet Lamm, Soofia Lateef, Isabella Malone, Reagan Marple, John Marshall, Landon McHenry, Isabella McMillion, Tanner Miller, Madyson Nunley, Troy Pallay, Kelsey Parker, Austin Perdue, Jessica Pigott, Kali Pitsenbarger, Mallory Rinker, Chase Robey, Cheryl Romine, Thomas Sambol, Geri Signorelli, Frederick Smart, Lynsey Soule, Madelyn Strait, Arryn Tennant, Magen Ware, John Wilfong, Austin Williams, Jessica Wilshere, Allison Winans, Mitchell Winkie
Jada Adlington, Savannah Blythe, Wyatt Bolle, Victoria Bonafield, Michaela Buchanan, Bailey Campbell, Kyleigh Church, Joel Davis, Joseph Dodrill, Ian Frailey, Jacob Funk, Justin Furby, Andrew Galan, Emily Griffith, Hunter Haddix, Amna Haque, Brady Hillegas, Molly Layne, Margaret Lohmann, Jacob Love, Kaylissa Lynch, Eva MacFarland, Lindsay Malenich, Ross Marra, Jeffrey Mccullough, Annalivia McFee, Charles McGhee, Katherine Mossburg, Shaylin Post, Sierra Shreves, Morgan Signorelli, Emery Smith, Eric Sprouse, Casey Stallman, Kiana Swann, Shae Tomasik
Taylor Abraham, Matthew Alastanos, Andrea Allman, Phillip Bailey, Katherine Coburn, Hannah Dunn, Autumn Fiest, Noah Hall, Marshall Hefner, Brody Ingram, Rebekah James, Julia Johnson, Stephanie Marnic, Noah Mazhar, Sarah Momen, Neyha Naveed, Jack Ray, Joshua Sabatino, Matthew Sandy, Morgan Sinkkanen, Titus Smith, Katherine Stalnaker, Jessica Stokes, Kelsey Watkins
Erica Balon, Nathan Cole, Carlie Crayton, Grant Duvall, Marena Elliot, Taylor Frame, Caroline Furby, Christine Gorden, Mackenzie Griffith, Christina Guirguis, Sydny Guy, Isabella Hawkinberry, Landyn Hewitt, Cooper Hineman, Benjamin Holbert, Samantha Holbert, Joshua Kaiser, Joplin Kehrer, Mackenzie Kress, Rachel Lamm, Maggie Lane, Brayden Lesher, Jenna Love, Victoria McDaniels, Sydney McDonald, Massimo Menguito, Kimberly Morris, Sarah Palmer, Alisha Pinti, Emma Posey, Kevin Prunty, Tosha Reel, Rachel Reppert, Megan Rinker, Zela Roets, Tristan Shaw, Parker Sheppard, Brent Sinsel, Madison Smith, Sierra Smith,Falon Snodgrass, Jenna Soltesz, Antonio Spatafore, Noah Strader, Aaron Tran, Diana Weir, Haley Wilson, Joseph Wright
Superior Honor Roll
Nathalie Aulds, Alec Balon, Alexander Blevins, Zachariah Bombardiere, Ashley Boram, Jonah Cantrell, Nicholas Catania, Emily Chalfant, Emma Clouse, Breanna Cumberledge, Jacob Defalco, Brian Driscoll, Michael Duez, Alyssa Durnil, Timothy Eschenmann, Maya Flowers, Olivia Friel, Shanden Gregory, Brycen Griffith, Dylan Haines, Dante Hall, Brandon Hartz, Kathryn Hennigan, Jonathan Jackson, Autumn Kelley, Breanna Kelley, Colin Lloyd, Hunter Mann, Dylan McVitty, Hailey Miltenberger, Holly Miltenberger, Griffin Moon, Houston Morris, Connor Nelson, Joshua Oliverio, Katelyn Parker, Isaac Riffle, Alex Ritter, Amanda Saymon, Bladen Smart, Nicholas Strogen, Aika Takahashi, Lily Vredingburgh, Ashley Walton, Kaitlyn Weber
Emily Arbogast, Lanc Bednar, Madison Beverlin, Janel Blevins, Dante Bonamico, Walter Cambeis, Jennifer Chalfant, Candace Coley, Abbey Cottrill, Ashley Cottrill, Hannah Cottrill, Kendal Currey, Logan Davis, Maddison Dillon, Elijah Drummond, Jared Ebright, Emily Estanich, Wesley Fleming, Andrew Funk, Jennifer Gerst, Laura Hanshaw, Jacob Hutcheson,  Patrick Izzo, Alexis Jones, Daniel Keough, Mateah Kittle, Donald Kummer, Salvatore Lacaria, Logan Lake, Caroline Lloyd, Courtney Martin, Montana Martin, Hannah McCall, Terry McCue, Minahal Naveed, Sarah Randolph, Andrew Ratliff, Richard Reed, Sarah Reppert, Paige Rice, Farzaan Salman, Hanna Stolzenfels, Tristen Stutler, Jenna Swan, Emily Trickett, Jacob Waggamon, Bryce Williams, Morgan Willis
Hannah Allen, Olivia Amos, Mychaela Antill, Lindsey Berardi, Zoey Blair, Drake Bolle, Alessandra Cava, Trey Conner, Lindsey Cooler, Luke Cox, Lucas Crayton, Madison Davisson, Olivia Defazio-Salisbury, Caroline Ferrell, Courtney Freeman, Halie Hardman, Jonathan Hartman, Gabriela Hemeon, Eliana Henriquez, Lauren Hogue, Padraig Kirkwood, Lindsay Knight, James Larosa, Usman Mahmoud, Gina Marano, Gabriella Mazza, Alec McAtee, Emily McCarthy, Hannah McGary, Nicholas Muller, Brianna Oldaker, Zachary Osborn, Dylan Purcell, Fisher Rector, Gianina Renzelli, Noah Rhine, Victoria Richards, Elexis Riggleman, Bailey Riggs, Noah Jared Romay, Maleehah Saab, Mckenna Smith, Taylor Smith, Douglas Soule, Mackenzie Steele, Taylor Steele, Jacob Stevens, Abigail Strait, Kendalyn Stutler, Brine Takahashi, Aaron Walden, Aaron Walton, Cody Ware, Kira Wertheim, Brice Westfall, Seneca Whyte, Anna Wilfong, Cheyenne Woods
Madewa Adeniyi, Noah Adkins, Benson Bassell, Caleb Brinson, Lacy Bryant, Heather Burd, Samuel Cale, Victoria Catania, Tanner Cava, Taylor Cava, Jeffrey Chalfant, Haley Chamberlain, Bradley Cumberledge, Chance Daugherty, Alyssa Dent, Shawna Devericks, Jaryn Dodrill, John Dolan, James Dufford, Katerina Fortney, Katelynn Fritz, Brandon Gillis, Victoria Guerrero, Victoria Harbert, Rahvin Hardman, Kady Hayes, Dakota Hendershot, Justin Holdren, Koby Kiefer, Kendall Kirk, Nicole La Rocca, Noah Lafferty, Jalyn Lamp, Megan Leggett, Jason Lehosit, Sophia Lopez, Coleton Marsh, Trey McAtee, Jenna McClain, Christina McCue, Mackenzie McCullough, John Merica, Joshua Messe, Michael Minor, Victor Mitchell, Emily Ogden, Spencer Ortiz, Joshua Osborn, Katelyn Pinti, William Pitzer, Travis Priester, Jacob Runner, Imoni Saab, Irfan Salman, James Secreto, Trenton Shaw, James Simons, Amiya Tennant, Avery Tomes, Myndi Tran, James Waggamon, Drew Watson, Rachel White, Mason Williams, Catherine Wilson, William Wood
Regular Honor Roll
Jammie Adkins, Anna Alcorn, Morgan Brock, Samantha Cambeis, Dane Del Greco, Alexis Hacker, Courtney Halpenny, Katharine Harrison, Abby Hartley, Jacob Hartman, Kyle Harvey, Jevon Hofer, Joseph La Rocca, Katie Lehosit, Bailey McClain, Kaci McCleery, Jonathan Murray, Parker Odell, Ryan Osborn, Taryn Pascoe, Logan Posey, Natalie Prater, Logan Ramsey, Zachary Rapp, Thomas Robinson, Skylar Smith, Halli Spears, Drew Turner, Hannah Wade, Benjamin Wood, Jordyn Wyne
Madalyn Aloi, Brier Anderson, Cameron Belcher, Samuel Biafore, Alexander Bradleypopovich, Jordyn Bush, Joseph Cain, Claire Casto, Erica Chalfant, Loudeline Chapman, Samuel Coulter, Becka Crandall, Matthew Dillon, Autumn Fleming, Kaitlyn Frazier, Nicolas Greely, Sarah Gregory, Jacob Griffith, Ryan Haught, James Herron, Leigh Hornor, Carter Householder, Malia Howard, Erika Huezo, Leslie Jaime, Jared Keefover, Joel Kirk, Olivia Leadman, Sydney Leatherman, Qianni Liu, Danielle Lodge, Andre Mardmomen, Noah Markley, Seth Marshall, Patrick Mayer, Mattie Missildine, Ashton Nestor, Marco Oliverio, Mikayla Oliverio, Cassandra Perry, Kaitlin Reep, Ashley Roop, James Rowcroft, Ameera Salman, Alexis Sczerba, Brooke Shull, Benjamin Smith, Ryley Sturm, William Tonkery, Krystelle Wertheim, Trevor Wilcox, Andrew Wilson, Danielle Wilson, Marisa Young, Preston Zirkle
Andrew Barker, Mariah Boyce, Michael Brown, Hannah Clark, Tori Coleman, Donna Conaway-Boothe, Emily Cory, Kennedi Cottrill, Ashleigh Davis, Haley Fiber, Davey Field, Lexy Ford, Seth Friel, Ryan Gay, Carson Gillespie, Jacob Goldizen, Francesca Graziano, Suzanna Hamrick, James Harris, Deija Hash, Haylee Hickman, Mackenzie Holmes, Spencer Honaker, Alvaro Huezo, Betthany Hurst, Zachary Kimble, Timothy Kinney, Skylar Kobylinski, James Lacaria, Megan Lehosit, Laci Lott, Devin McIntyre, Haden Miller, Sarah Mitchell, Calvin Nguyen, Kaitlin Queen, Erin Ramsey, Ryan Richards, Dylan Riley, Olivia Rush, Tre Sawyer, Satira Scalise, Cheyenne Scott, Hannah Stewart, Talen Wagner, Abigayle Wheeler, Christina White, Meagan Wriker, Alexis Zirkle
James Allison, Christian Belcher, Adam Bentz, Sadrianna Bringhurst, Grace Coberly, Logan Crayton, Caitlyn Dennison, Noah Drummond, Mark Duez, Maverick Eddy, Carrie Feathers, Andrew Gibson, Brice Haines, Rachel Kalany, Heidi Knight, Christian Lehosit, Colin MacFarland, Antonio Messe, Michael Michaels, Ashton Miller, Kayla Milliman, Chapin Murphy, Olivia Oldaker, Christian Olivio, Jacob Perine, Shelby Proud, Caleb Strakal, Haley Swiger, John Thomas, Madison Ward, Tyler Whiteman, Lauren Winkie, Trevor Wolfe, Carson Wood, Christian Yeager

by Connect-Bridgeport Staff on October 11, 2014 EST

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