Sports Blog

From the Bench: Spurlock Brushes Aside Pressure to Thrive as Indians QB

Shortly after Bridgeport’s 35-7 win two Fridays ago against North Marion, Coach Josh Nicewarner was asked about...

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History Blog

Dick Duez

Dick Duez

It’s Happening

It's Happening: "Naked and Afraid" and "Live Free or Die"

Have you ever watched “Naked and Afraid?” Airing Sunday nights on the Discovery Channel, each episode features...

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A&E Blog

ArtsLink: Connie, the Bridgeport Stage Crafters and Why Words Can be More Valuable than Money

I hate money.    I hate what people will do to acquire it. I hate not having it. I hate how not...

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ToquiNotes: The 411 on Paving Dilemma Question Involving Jerry Dove Drive

Most of my travels on State Route 279 in the past couple of years primarily stretch from the United Hospital Center an...

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Emergency Services Blog

How You Can "Be A Force of Nature" in Face of Disaster

Severe weathercan strike anywhere at any time.Thunderstorms and lightning,flash floods,tornadoesand evenwinter stormscan d...

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Weekend Angler

Weekend Angler: The Summer Transition to Fall Fishing

It’s been a hot, beautiful summer across much of the south. Temperatures ran above average with rainfall well be...

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Mikini Bikini

Women Dress for Women

You could say the corporate office where I work isn’t your typical Fortune 500 environment.  Now well-known ...

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Conservation Station

Conservation Station: Make Your New Year's Resolutions Count

I would like to wish you all a wonderful and safe holiday season!  Thank you for all the support you, my readers,...

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Off the Shelf

Off the Shelf: The November Edition of Bookpage is a Must Have

Even though October seems to be unseasonably warm, the calendar is still moving relentlessly forward. For all of those...

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Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness: These Are a Few of My Thanksgiving Things...

I look back on Thanksgiving dinners as a child with nothing but fondness and warmth. The excitement I felt as my mom s...

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Healthy Kids First

Healthy Kids First: With School Back, How to Make the Most of Your Oats

Now that School is back in full swing, it’s time to revisit some new breakfast options. Top on that list is alwa...

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Mandy Curry

Mandy Curry

The Locavore Next Door

The Locavore Next Door: How to Speak & Eat Like a Local

Growing up there were culinary traditions and ways of doing things that I just took for granted.  It wasn’t...

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Carrie Robinson

Carrie Robinson

Brady's Blog

Brady's Blog: The Ten Thousand Foot View of Bridgeport's Color War

I’ve been thinking a lot about Tracy Marrow the last few weeks.  I’m sure that name means nothing to most...

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Tim Brady

Tim Brady

College View

College View: Campus Thoughts of WVU's Big 12 Move

EDITOR'S NOTE: This article initially appeared in The Daily Antheneum, West Virginia University's student newspape...

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Lacey Palmer

Lacey Palmer

Journey to the Crown

Journey to the Crown: Winding Up Appearances as Miss WV

It has been quite some time since I have posted about my recent appearances! Here is what I have been up to around the...

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Strong Ideas

STRONG Idea: 12 Days of Fitness; Day 12

On the twelfth DAY OF FITNESS, my trainer gave to me 12 Squat Hops 11 Full Body Sit-ups 10 Stance Jacks...

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Wheels Up

Wheels Up: Telling RFK to Get a Haircut and Other Presidential Bridgeport Visit Tidbits

Thanks again for the great feedback on my article featuring Chet Whitehair.  He is truly a fascinating man. I was thi...

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Benedum Blog

Benedum Blog: Gearing Up for the "Festival of the Century"

The Bridgeport Benedum Festival is gearing up for its biggest and best event in many years. As festival chair, I am as...

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John Belcastro

John Belcastro

Let’s Get Fresh

Let's Get Fresh: Top Ten Moments of this Season

After twenty Market Sundays we find ourselves here, at the twenty-first, and last, week of Season Six of the Bridgepor...

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Bob Workman

Bob Workman

A Little Know-Howe

A Little Know-Howe: For WVU, Win vs. OSU and Solid Finish Need Consistency

Consistency. One of the most elusive things in college sports is consistency. I guess that really shouldn't s...

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The Grapevine

The Grapevine: Many Celebrations and Fall Leaves

We made a trip up to Ohio this past Sunday to celebrate Dave's son, Davie's birthday. It was a nice drive and...

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Rosalyn Queen Alonso

Rosalyn Queen Alonso

Student Perspective

Student Perspective: Member of RAZE, Leah Stutler Shares its Mission to Stomp Out Tobacco Use

RAZE is a statewide, teen-led movement to spread the word of the Lies of Big Tobacco in West Virginia. The definition of R...

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Leah Stutler

Leah Stutler

City Faces

City Faces in Different Places

The Bridgeport Farmers Market has a Community Dinner several times a year at the Bridgeport Conference Center. I had the p...

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Michelle Duez

Michelle Duez

Cantrell’s Corner

City Faces in Different Places

I've spent the last six days traveling over 1,000 miles with my son Mark and his Babe Ruth baseball team in western Ke...

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Michelle Duez

Michelle Duez

Floral Design with Cara

Floral Design with Cara: DIY Gourd-geous Floral Arrangements

Make your Halloween will come alive with these DIY ideas. Don't forget to purchase the flowers from your local tru...

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Green Your Summer

Green Your Summer: Waste Management Provides Storm Readiness Actions for Residence

It’s a service that, once restored, means things are getting back to normal. Much like electricity for your home...

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Movie Review with Jeff McCullough

Movie Review with Jeff McCullough: "John Wick"

First and foremost, welcome back Keanu. We’ve missed you. John Wick Is a tremendous comeback for Reeves, his portray...

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