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The Bridgeport High School Alumni and Friends Foundation was formed in 1996 and began awarding scholarships in 1999. Through increased fundraising efforts and generous alumni and friends, the Foundation has steadily increased the amount of scholarship money available for BHS seniors. In 1999, two scholarships totaling $500 were awarded. In 2011, the Foundation funded 12 scholarships worth over $18,000. A list of past scholarship winners can be found under the scholarships tab on this site.

Fundraising efforts include our annual spring strawberry sale and the year-round sale of BHS clothing and memorabilia. The strawberry sale began in 2004. Alice Rowe suggested the fundraiser after learning of Morgantown High's successful sale. Mike Corder became strawberry chairman. Over $2,800 was raised that first year, and the sale has increased in size and success since that time. Strawberry delivery day is traditionally the Thursday before Mother's Day. Deliveries and pick-up sales are coordinated at the concession stand at Wayne Jamison Field.

In 2007, the Foundation initiated the BHS Alumni and Friends Foundation Hall of Fame to recognize deserving individuals who have made their mark in the world through their profession, their service, and their generosity. The inductees are honored at a dinner that is held at the school every fall. Inductees' pictures are displayed on the Wall of Fame outside the school's auditorium. A list of inductees, along with a picture and a brief bio can be found under the Hall of Fame tab on this site. By honoring individuals each year, the Foundation hopes the Hall of Fame inspires students and others to go forward and to give back with great purpose.

The Alumni and Friends Foundation will hold its annual dinner on Saturday, Sept. 26, 2014. For a list of this year's honorees and photos of the four new members to the BHS Hall of Fame 2014 Class CLICK HERE.

BHS Alumni and Friends Foundation awards over $28,000 in scholarships to the Class of 2013

The BHS Alumni and Friends Foundation awarded over $28,000 in scholarship during the senior assembly held on Wednesday, May 22 at the BHS Auditorium. Here is a list of scholarship recipients and the amount awarded:

Tom and Maryann Mace Scholarship - $5000 - awarded to Dahlton Kittle

Maxine Moose Bruhns - $2000 each - awarded to Shannon Echard, Rebecca Turnbull and Stephanie Thi

Doug and Pamela Smith Van Scoy Scholarship - $1500 this year - Robert Sinsel

Sportsmanship Award - $1500 - awarded to Zach Boles

Alumni Foundation - $1500 each - awarded to Tre Trescost and Emily Hefner

Alumni Foundation - $1200 each - awarded to Sarah Gustafson, Travis Kirtner and Sara McQueen

Diamond Street Car Wash Scholarship - $1200 - awarded to Justin Haught

Mine Belt Service Scholarship - $1200 - awarded to Lauren Wickenhofer

Murray, Murray and Groves Scholarship - $1200 awarded to Sarah Bush

MAR-DON Scholarship - awarded - $1200 - awarded to Matthew Schwenk

The Foundation is also affiliated with two other scholarships. The Mary Reppert Scholarship was awarded to Anthony Caldera. The Wayne Jamison Scholarship went to Dahlton Kittle. Both are $1000 scholarships.

The Foundation raises funds through an annual strawberry sale in the spring and an alumni dinner in the fall.

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