Elkins Football Forfeits to Impact Indians in WVSSAC Standings

By Jeff Toquinto on October 25, 2012


 Elkins isn’t the only team that will be negatively impacted from the Tigers having to forfeit all of their wins this season due to the WVSSAC ruling they used an ineligible player. Count Bridgeport as a team that will almost certainly take a hit in the next official edition of the state football’s power ratings.
Although the WVSSAC’s officially revised rankings likely won’t be released until next Tuesday, Bridgeport moves down one spot from number four to number five, according to WDTV. The Indians are jumped by Robert C. Byrd. The Eagles were number five prior to the Elkins’ forfeits.
Bridgeport loses four bonus points it gained from its win against Elkins, but picks up two. Coach Josh Nicewarner said if his team wins out and all shakes out elsewhere, the Tribe could make up points elsewhere and break even. RCB, however, gains points and could be far enough ahead currently in the polls to remain there if they finish 9-1.
“We’ve just got to worry about the things we can control,” Nicewarner said. “What we can control is whether or not we play good football. I don’t want the kids to think about anything else.”
Nicewarner admitted that he found out about the situation during practice yesterday. Because of today’s age of instant information, he knew it was best to address the matter to his players.
“It’s kind of hard to avoid because the kids either already knew, and if they didn’t, you knew they were going to find out,” Nicewarner said. “That’s when we told them to focus on what we have the power to handle, and that’s our game Friday with Fairmont Senior.”
With top-ranked Wayne still having to play Class AA third-ranked Bluefield, it’s likely Bridgeport would still finish in the top four if the Indians win out. For a look at WDTV’s revised rankings, click HERE.
Below is a Tuesday story from MetroNews that includes an interview with WVSSAC Executive Director Gary Ray. Click HERE for the story.
Click HERE to read the situation involving the student in question.


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